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Our family and employees are completely hands-on during all phases of heifer development. We use the latest procedures and protocols geared for quality heifer growth. Additionally, our nutritionists and veterinarians work wiht us to ensure that all heifers are in optimal condition and health.


Healthy Heifers

We walk every pen 365 days a year; no exception. While walking pens each heifer's condition is checked. When a sick animal is found they are immediately moved to our state of the art hospital pen.

Treatments used are the most effective protocols for specific illnesses. Once the treatment is administered, it is recorded into Dairy Comp via handheld computers for future reference.

All pens are scraped weekly, and in inclement weather all pens are bedded daily. We feel these are both very important practices that contribute to the health and well being fo the heifers.


Arrival Age:                            6 Months

Daily Gain:                            1.9 lbs

AI entry to conception:           10  Days

Conception Rate:                    71%

Services per Conception:        1.4

Height at Conception:             51.3 Inches

Weight at Calving:                 1420 lbs

Age at Calving:                      22.7 Months

Height at Calving:                   56.2 Inches

Premium Feed

Your heifers' genetic potential can be maximized with high quality feeds. We do all of our own chopping and bagging to ensure that the resultnig feed is always the best it can be. We feed six different rations according to the size, weight, and age of the heifers. By feeding high quality TMR's we are able to acheive optimum growth rates.



All animals eligible to be bred are moved into breeding pens once a week based on weight, height, and age. Animals smaller than breeding size are sorted and grouped once per month by weight, height, and age. Each animal is sorted using and electronic scale system to ensure accuracy. Our system of sorting allows for the heifers to always be on the correct rations, and to be in uniform groups.

We realize that all customers have different parameters, that is why we are able to customize programs to meet our customer's specific needs.


We use Dairy Comp 305 to tracka ll heifers' records and data. Currently several of our customers utilize an automated exchange of information between computer systems. Because of this system, these clients have access to their heifers' information immediately. using a program called Pocket CowCard we scan EID's, or manually input visual ID's. With Pocket CowCard, we always have the heifers' full history at our fingertips.

In addtion we use an automated feeding program called EZ Feed. By using this we are able to feed a very uniform and accurate ration regardless of moisture changes or different ingredients. This high quality ration results in high quality heifers'.

We also utilize specialized training V's with lockout bars; this allows us to raise stanchion trained heifers with an unprecedented no-lock rate of less than 1%. These are all very valuable tools that help create optimal heifers.



Our Support Team:

Herd Health

Dr. Brian Mitchell, DVM

Dr. Kirk Mueller, DVM

Dr. Lance Cheney, DVM

Dr. Marcus Skacel, DVM  

Heifer Nutrition

John Hepton, Nutritionist


Please contact Sean Wilke for more information at:  (208)337-5500    sean@wilkefarms.com